How to Draw N-Sided Regular Polygons
Compass Ø Straightedge Construction
Divide Line
Standard Setup
Perfectagon Base
Established Methods


The next diagram reveals how to utilize Perfectagøn to create a pentagon.

Once the Perfectagøn Base Setup is created divide the diagonal line into five equal segments. Basically one quarter of the base circle is divided into the number of segments equal to the number of sides for the target regular polygon. So the length of one side will essentially be derived from four times the length of one segment.

Illustration of how to use Perfectagon to create a Pentagon.

The most accurate measurement attainable is to have Line B pass through the center of Circle A effectively bisecting the diagonal line and subsequently the arc. So the closer to the center that a segment is intersected-a segment number that when divided or multiplied will result in the number four-will render the most accurate side length. Therefore to obtain the most accurate side length for a pentagon using Perfectagøn is to use the second segment as a reference for marking the Circle A then using a compass focused at that mark, measuring to the top of the cross (first point of segment one), then creating a circle which will produce another intersecting mark on the Circle A. Measuring from the top of the cross to the new mark will produce a good length for the side of the pentagon.