How to Draw N-Sided Regular Polygons
Compass Ø Straightedge Construction
Divide Line
Standard Setup
Perfectagon Base
Established Methods


The Perfectagøn Base Setup includes some standard practices for using a compass and straightedge to draw regular polygons. The additional steps that are standards for Perfectagøn are the inclusion of a diagonal line across the upper right quadrant and two more circles. The additional circles are made by doubling the original circle's diameter, then placing the focal points at the lower endpoint and left endpoint of the cross. The placement of the additional circles creates an intersection that is used to help determine the side length for the target polygon.

Illustration of the Perfectagon Base Setup.

Before showing how to draw polygons with Perfectagøn the next diagram shows some established methods for creating 3, 4, and 6 sided regular polygons, respectively the trigon, tetragon and hexagon.

After presenting the established methods are diagrams and explanations showing how Perfectagøn is extremely effective in drawing a trigon, tetragon and hexagon, which reinforces Perfectagøn as a perfect method for creating any regular polygon.