How to Draw N-Sided Regular Polygons
Compass Ø Straightedge Construction
Divide Line
Standard Setup
Perfectagon Base
Established Methods


The next diagram reveals how to utilize Perfectagøn to create a tridecagon.

Illustration of creating a Tridecagon with the Perfectagon System.

You've been introduced to the method of seeking the most centered segment for purposes of obtaining the most accurate side length measurement, which will aid in the creation of the tridecagon. Intersecting Line B with segment eight then bisecting the resulting radius will render a better measurement than if Line B were passed through segment four.

So now you have it-Perfectagøn. I do find it hard to believe that this method hasn't been introduced before my discovery. It may be somewhere, but throughout my math school years and recent detailed internet searches, including big names such as Google and Wikipedia, I did not find anything like Perfectagøn. Therefore I have to conclude that I have in fact made a new discovery that I now offer up to everyone.

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